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Its All About the Bags!

I have to admit to having a 'thing' about bags. If I ever feel like shopping for something really exciting, it always involves bags..  I have even purchased power tools purely because they came in a cute bag.. So of course, when Majacraft brings out a new bag it has to be news!

I frequently enjoy the excellent quality and protection the Little Gem bag provides when I am travelling..

Everything fits and there is room for bobbins and fibre, and I know it is protected and safe as well as being easy to pick up and carry!

Majacraft also offers bags of the same sturdy quality for the Rose and Suzie wheels, for the Fusion Engine, as well as a fitted bag for the Dynamic Heddle Loom (and yes the loom will be returning soon!).

And now we have a brand new bag! And I personally love this one so much I would even use it as a project bag just because it is so cool... However its REAL purpose is to store and protect your second Fusion Engine drum when not installed in your carder! This bag is purpose designed to fit that extra drum snuggly and securely, the solid quality zip is angled to make it very easy to take your drum in and out with no damage from sliding and no risk to your fingers either.

We know many of our Fusion Engine customers have either purchased both 72 and 128 tpi drums, or have later come back for the 'other' drum to extend the range of fibers they can card. (We have a nice little post here on how to choose the right carding cloth for your fibre)  The easy method of swapping drums means you can easily mix and match your carder to your stash. And now we have solved the problem of storing and transporting that second drum with this purpose made bag. And yes... I think I may also be purchasing an extra bag for my projects and spindles too (serious bag lady stuff here).. the carry handle on top makes it even more appealing for multi purposing!

Please contact your dealer for pricing in your country. We hope you will love this bag too!

Till next time,



And the winner is….

We have been waiting (on the edge of our seats!) for the results of our big VOTE to determine the colour of this years Special Edition bobbin!

You too?

Waiting for me to mention what that result is? :D

We had an overwhelming response on the Facebook page, and a clear majority DID emerge from the four possible options which where these:

And I would just like to take this moment to mention that Andy now owes me a coffee! (lets make that a Latte thanks Andy, with some cinnamon on top) because THE WINNER IS!.....

Yes, ROSEBRIGHT!   This amazing colour, reminiscent of vibrant fuschia's and richly iced cupcakes, will bring a new excitement to our wheels and spinning this year!

Here are the overall results as best as we can count:

Rosebright 97

Caelestis 83

Phosphore 63

Cyrtherean Bloom 8

So despite Andrews overt and for me, steamed milk and coffee rich attempt to turn the voting Phosphorewards, the Rosebrights made a majority and will become the 2017 Limited Edition bobbin colour of the year! Yay! And it is going to look wonderful next to the previous purple and green.

However there is yet hope for Andrews oranges, we will reprise the two runners up in next years voting selection and Phosphore and Cyrtherean Bloom will have another opportunity to shine as you vote for 2018 :)

And now you may be wondering just who the lucky FIVE will be, the five winners of the first RoseBright Bobbins?!

Here are the names! Congratulations! If your name is here, please contact us at as soon as you can with your postal address and the subject line 'Rosebright Bobbin Winner'

Linda Shevel

Jeanette Bastian

Sandra Morris Jager

Géraldine Deleuze 

Monica Ann McDonald

Thank you ALL so much for your participation, we will let you know when the bobbins are made and ready to ship. Happy spinning in 2017!



Bobbin Treats!

Limited Edition bobbins? Different colours? Yes! We've got them! This is just a little heads-up if you didn't know about these already, because they are proving very popular and just go to show that us spinners love colour! Last year we brought out some super new Lime Green standard bobbins (there are still just a few left), they look amazing on the wheels and are really fun to use, and being our standard bobbin they fit all our wheels and flyers (except of course the lace and overdrive flyers.)

I love this colour, its so bright and my yarns look awesome on them which makes it even more fun to spin!

Now this year (2016) we have a new colour, in fact are you seeing a pattern here? Each year will see a new Limited Edition bobbin colour! These colours will not be repeated (hence 'limited edition'), so if you start collecting you will end up with a range of unique bobbins that you can use to colour code your spinning, decorate your studio with, and make your own bobbin rainbow!

We are loving the 2016 colour, and we are not the only ones, these are being snapped up quickly, in fact I think purple is one of the most popular colours for spinners.. maybe we should choose a pretty lilac next year to match, or should we go neon pink?! We don't know yet either :) But we do know these purple ones will only be available this year and only while stocks last. Check out your local dealer for availability and pricing!


Custom Wheels? Yes!

This week we were able to send out a gorgeous batch of customised wheels, just check these out, we love them!

One of the joys of being a small company hand crafting our products, is that it gives us a lot of freedom to really personalise what we do to suit each customer. We don't have a giant production line using pre-set machinery that can only build one thing with no variation. We don't have an unchangeable system that churns out mass produced items. We start with our hands and our materials, and we craft each wheel, each carder, each set of combs individually, and very often to order because we also do not have a giant storeroom full of pre-made stock to flick out as orders come in, The beauty of this is, not only do our customers receive an item that has been made just for them, with our own hands, but we can also pause during the process and make changes to the wheel, add a personal touch on request that will give the new owner of this wheel a unique piece of equipment that belongs to THEM, that fits their taste and personality, a one of a kind wheel for a one of a kind customer!

We can do this in a variety of ways. We can colour them differently as you can see in the picture above, and there are so many colours to choose from :) Check out this gorgeous purple!

And then of course there is the 'tattoo' we can add to the wheels, laser etched to your specifications, this really is the fun part! We have had many requests for wheel designs and it is always a pleasure to send these out to excited customers, it is such a great way to truly connect with a wheel, a visual treat each time you look at it and work with it. We only ever make one of each of these, so if you send us your design, you can be sure no one else will ever get 'your' wheel, it is just for you exclusively! Take a look at some of the unique wheels we have created in the past..

We can really get a lot of detail into these designs:

and we can add design touches on more than just the drive wheel too:

and one more example of where you can add design here with my (Suzy's) 'One Wheel' which Andrew covered in Elvish script for me :)

Are you feeling inspired? Just email us at and share your dream wheel wishes with us! We can talk about design and pricing, and together we can help make your ideas come to life with a spinning wheel you will love to use! If you already have a Majacraft wheel that you love, but want something personalised for you, we can customise individual parts for you to swap around as you like! Contact us for pricing and possibilities :) Your ideas and designs are an inspiration to us!


Double Heddle Weaving Mounts for the DHL

If you are interested in double heddle weaving on the Dynamic Heddle Loom, we offer some really useful little mounts to support the heddle during the warping of the loom. They have little metal discs so the magnets in the heddle will stick to them and nylon bumpers to set the angle to make warping as simple as possible.

Double heddle mounts

Double heddle mounts

You can learn more here Double Heddle Weaving Mounts

Double heddle mounts on loom

Double heddle mounts on loom

Double heddle weaving by Annick Keters

Double heddle weaving by Annick Keters

Until next time


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The Warp Speed competition

Warp speed competition
Warp speed competition


As a celebration of the release of Warp Speed and the coming release of the new 180mm mini circular loom, we have a competition for you.

Create a warping pattern using the pattern key and the template presented in Warp Speed, then share it and your weaving on the Circle Weaving Facebook group and be in the draw to win one of four new mini circular looms!

As a suggestions, try to put together something interesting/innovative/unique/useful/pretty. Winners will be selected at random so have a go and you might get a freebie!

The rules are these (and please don’t get too technical or uptight, this is supposed to be fun :-) )

You have until midnight GMT 30th August 2014.

It is only open to members of the Circle Weaving Facebook group so join the group if you are not already a member

You must share it on the group. We like sharing knowledge rather than hoarding it here J (share pictures of the PATTERN and the WOVEN ITEM)

We would like to be able to put together interesting patterns into another tutorial that would get shared for free – you would of course be acknowledged for your contribution. Everybody wins then!

If you do not have a circular loom, print out the template and use that to make one out of cardboard. Alternatively you can use your knitting loom, hula hoop, or anything else round and warpable!

So there you go, join in the vibrant Circle Weaving community and in the process you could win yourself a new Majacraft circular loom.

Here is another link to Warp Speed

Warp speed

Warp speed tutorial


Until next time

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Warp speed – a circular loom ideas book

Warp speed

Warp speed tutorial


Yes! Warp Speed is ready!

Warp speed is a collaborative tutorial/inspirational/ideas book for weaving on the circular loom It has been put together by Suzy Brown (Woolwench) and myself. We have been working on for quite a few months now and I am now delighted to release it to you.

So, a little bit about it. First off, the best bit, we are giving it away for FREE! So go download it and knock yourself out.

We have also worked to create a way of writing patterns that is easy to understand and replicate yourself. In an effort to come up with more ideas, there is also a template at the back of the book that you can freely print to make your own patterns with. I would encourage you to do this, and share them around. Suzy and I already have ideas for putting together patterns made up by the community to help spread it further (all with the appropriate acknowledgements and so forth :-) ). If you read it and think there are shortcomings or additions to the pattern scheme we have come up with, let either of us know and we can edit and add to it. Everybody wins then.

We have also included pictures of many of the inspirational weavings created by people on the Circle Weaving Facebook group. I am really proud of the community that is building in the Circle Weaving group on Facebook and I am getting to live a little vicariously as well :-) . They have been enthusiastic with their support of others and generous with their ideas which are shared freely in the group. It is so cool to see people working together to grow the craft. If you are interested, come along and join in!

Here is the link to the document Warp Speed

So go right ahead, download it, share it with others, experiment with some of the ideas and if you are willing, show me what you have made. I would love to see.

Until next time


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Circular Looms and circle weaving on Facebook

It has been a while since I last put anything up on the blog as I have been very busy in the workshop. Some of the things I cannot talk about yet :-)  but one I can is related to the circular looms. We have started producing a new 180mm (~7") circular loom which we are building stocks of. The first batch is ready to go and will be sent out to dealers in the next week or two. They have 79 notches so it will be possible to do fine work if you wish.

This is so hot off the press the pictures are not on the Majacraft web site yet!

180mm circular loom

180mm circular loom


There is also a Circle Weaving group started recently on Facebook that you may be interested in. Once you have joined Facebook, do a search for "Circle Weaving" and you should be on your way. This is open to all people interested in circular looms from any manufacturer! There are some really novel and innovative ideas being shown and a great spirit of sharing knowledge and inspiration.

While on Facebook, why not check out our own Majacraft Facebook page or the "Manic Dynamic Majacrafters" who are doing amazing things with the Dynamic Heddle Loom.

Until next time


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The Rube Goldberg Overdrive

We received a message today in the Majacraft inbox via Christine Oliver of Moondance Colour Company about her Rube Goldberg Overdrive.

Irish tension Majacraft Overdrive Head

Irish tension Overdrive Head


Using some backroom genius, she has converted her Overdrive to use an Irish tensioning system. I have to confess that I just LOVE this stuff. Generating a hypothesis and then using the resources available to test and produce a result, just brilliant! While you can appreciate we may not be reproducing this directly ourselves as something that all Overdrive spinners can use, this is simply excellent. If you could see the way many Majacraft prototypes develop, it is exactly like this so much kudos Christine.

Can you see the way it works?

Until next time


P.S. Great to see the Overdrive running on an older generation Suzie!


More exciting Overdrive news!

We have been steadily working through the Overdrive orders and shipping them as fast as we can. If you are on the list for one, take heart, you have not been forgotten and we will get it to you as soon as possible!

Glynis testing Overdrives, Owen balancing Overdrive flyers

Glynis testing Overdrives, Owen balancing Overdrive flyers


I have carried out some further testing on some of our older wheels and we are now confident that the Overdrive will work on ALL Majacraft Roses and Suzies. The early generation Roses (and some Suzie Alpaca wheels) had a wooden nut that tightened the handle onto the head. We will include a smaller stainless steel nut with the Overdrive kit to replace the wooden nut and then the bobbin drive band will no longer be interfered with. If you are ordering an Overdrive for one of these Roses, please let your dealer know so we can include the special nut. The Suzies are easy as the Overdrive fits straight on.

Here is the picture of the original wooden nut on a Rose handle

Standard wooden nut on previous generation Roses

Standard wooden nut on previous generation Roses


And the replacement stainless nut which will clear the bobbin drive band

Stainless nut for Overdrives on the Rose

Stainless nut for Overdrives on the Rose


So if you have been waiting to hear this news, I hope it has brightened your day!

Until next time