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Boucle: Make it Easy!

This time I thought I would share some spin stuff with you, something you could make on any of our range of wheels, but especially if you like spinning finer yarns, this will even work as a heavy lace and will fit perfectly with the Lace Kit on any of the Majacraft wheels (and whats not to love about baby bobbins! soooo cute).

This yarn 'recipe' is an alternative way of creating a boucle yarn, taking advantage of the different properties of different fibre types and breeds. This yarn is a simple two ply, in which one single is spun from an easily feltable (shrinkable) yarn and the other from a nice curly less shrinkable type. I would recommend trying this with (for example) a single of Merino, and a single of Mohair, or you could do Polwarth with Wensleydale, or Corriedale with Gotland (or any mix and match of these types of fibres). The key is to make on of your singles the kind of fibre that will naturally want to curl into loops, and the other that naturally wants to shrink onto itself when washed and agitated.

This how the finished yarn looks: (click the image to see closer)


and close up you can see the cute little loops that are formed

The making of this yarn is surprisingly simple. There are two main keys to success, the first is your fiber choice, the second is your plying angle.

As you spin your singles, spin your shrink fibre as usual and to any thickness you like, but spin your curl fibre with some extra twist, and keep that one fine. In the example I spun both singles to a similar thickness. I started with undyed fleece too and dyed it when completed as part of the fulling process.

When you come to plying, the important part is to make sure you ply unevenly! Keep your shrinkable fleece with more tension on it and straight towards you, and spiral the curl fibre around it.


Your plyed yarn should look like a badly plyed two ply when you're done, but don't worry, there is another step!

Next comes the part that creates the magic! You are going to treat this yarn roughly. Wind it into a skein, then drop it into hot water (or like I did into a dye pot!). Let it relax, start enjoying itself, stretch out... then take that yarn and dunk it straight into cold water! Swirl it around, beat it a bit, then repeat! Keep repeating the hot to cold and agitation until you see that shrink fibre doing its shrinking, which in turn pulls in the curl fibre and forces it to curl. The more you spiraled the ply the more curls you will get.

You will know when your yarn is complete when it is looking nice and loopy!

This yarn will look like a boucle style, it will add a lovely and gently looped texture to any project without being as big or add the bulk of a more standard three ply boucle. You might want to experiment with making more or less of an angle in your plying , or adding more twist to your curl yarn, or altering the thickness of the two plys, you will get a slightly different result in each variation.

I spun this yarn on my Majacraft Little Gem with the standard flyer and bobbins. I love the versatility of this little wheel, and it will soon be travelling with me around the South Island of New Zealand on a teaching tour. She packs up into her bag and off we go! And yet despite being the Majacraft 'travel' wheel this is also my go to wheel for all my finer spinning (My Aura provides everything else so well!) and she is so stable and smooth and she now has the Lace Kit set up for fine spinning, which is my 'relax and spin' options of choice!

I will keep you posted of our travels over the next month or so! In the meantime I hope you enjoy your two ply boucle!








Majacraft Livestreams are coming!

Starting next month Majacraft will be hosting some special live broadcasts to both showcase their wheels and tools as well as answer your questions. Are you thinking of buying a wheel but aren’t sure which one is right for you? Or do you already have your Majacraft wheel and want to get some tips and tricks on making the most of it? Maybe you have a problem and could use some troubleshooting? Glynis Poad and Suzy Brown will be hosting these sessions, and we aim to make them informative and interactive, everyone is welcome! There will be a Q&A time during each livestream, so please send in your questions before the event, or join the chat on the day to ask! For anyone unable to attend please still post your questions on the event page and we will answer them during the livestream for you to watch later.

Following the live sessions, all videos will remain available as recordings on the Majacraft YouTube channel, come back and rewatch anytime.

Each session will run via YouTube, anyone can view, and if you want to join the live chat alongside the stream you only need to be logged into your YouTube account to participate.  We will post links to each session here on the blog once we have those set up, and we will also create a Facebook Event for each session, you will be able to find the links there too and  you will get a reminder when we are about to start! You are invited to ask your questions either during the event or earlier by posting on the Event page, we would love to know what you are most interested in!

Please make sure you are following our Facebook page for further updates on these live events!

March 27

1pm NZ Time
(Sunday 26 March 5pm US Pacific Time, Sunday 8pm Eastern Time)

Topic: Majacraft Wheels 101

Answering the FAQs on basic wheel use and Maintenance
Attaching and removing your flyer
Threading the flyer and different Majacraft orifices
Where to oil (and not oil) your wheel
Drive Band Maintenance - when to replace and when to cut and rejoin (for stretched bands)
Tension cord- to cross or not to cross?
Spinning head height

3 April

1pm NZ Time
(Sunday 2 April 6pm US Pacific Time, Sunday 9pm Eastern Time)

Topic: Wheel Focus: Get to know your Rose

New Rose Assembly Tips
What can you spin on a Rose?
Tension - scotch tension explained
Head adjustments for best spinning results
Accessories for the Rose

10 April

1pm, NZ Time
(Sunday 9 April 6pm US Pacific Time, Sunday 9pm Eastern Time)

Topic: Wheel Focus: The magic of the Little Gem

Why this is such a great travel wheel
Drive bands - direction and twist
Tips for easy treadling
Drive Band troubleshooting - when to replace?

8 May

1pm NZ Time
(Sunday  7 May 6pm US Pacific Time, Sunday 9pm Eastern Time)

Topic: What’s on our wheels?

Glynis and Suzy share their spinning, show you their stash, and put their Majacraft wheels through their paces to show you what they are spinning and how they have their wheels set up for it. Share your pics and ask your questions during the livestream!

15 May

1pm NZ Time
(Sunday 14 May 6pm US Pacific Time, Sunday 9pm Eastern Time)

Topic:  The Suzie’s  - to Pro or not to Pro, what is the difference?

New wheel assembly tips
The history of Majacraft and the Suzie Wheel
Accessories for the Suzie and Suzie Pro
How do you choose between the Rose, the Suzie or the Aura?

22 May

1pm NZ time
(Sunday 21 May 6pm US Pacific Time, Sunday 9pm Eastern Time)

Topic: the Awesome Aura

What makes this ‘THE’ Majacraft wheel for spinning designer yarns
Assembly tips for the Aura
Modified Double Drive explained
Adjusting your wheel to suit your spinning
Expanding your range with the right accessories
The stylus kit - how great is this for longdraw on the Aura! Head tilting for max effect
Troubleshooting and wheel maintenance


Custom Wheels? Yes!

This week we were able to send out a gorgeous batch of customised wheels, just check these out, we love them!

One of the joys of being a small company hand crafting our products, is that it gives us a lot of freedom to really personalise what we do to suit each customer. We don't have a giant production line using pre-set machinery that can only build one thing with no variation. We don't have an unchangeable system that churns out mass produced items. We start with our hands and our materials, and we craft each wheel, each carder, each set of combs individually, and very often to order because we also do not have a giant storeroom full of pre-made stock to flick out as orders come in, The beauty of this is, not only do our customers receive an item that has been made just for them, with our own hands, but we can also pause during the process and make changes to the wheel, add a personal touch on request that will give the new owner of this wheel a unique piece of equipment that belongs to THEM, that fits their taste and personality, a one of a kind wheel for a one of a kind customer!

We can do this in a variety of ways. We can colour them differently as you can see in the picture above, and there are so many colours to choose from :) Check out this gorgeous purple!

And then of course there is the 'tattoo' we can add to the wheels, laser etched to your specifications, this really is the fun part! We have had many requests for wheel designs and it is always a pleasure to send these out to excited customers, it is such a great way to truly connect with a wheel, a visual treat each time you look at it and work with it. We only ever make one of each of these, so if you send us your design, you can be sure no one else will ever get 'your' wheel, it is just for you exclusively! Take a look at some of the unique wheels we have created in the past..

We can really get a lot of detail into these designs:

and we can add design touches on more than just the drive wheel too:

and one more example of where you can add design here with my (Suzy's) 'One Wheel' which Andrew covered in Elvish script for me :)

Are you feeling inspired? Just email us at and share your dream wheel wishes with us! We can talk about design and pricing, and together we can help make your ideas come to life with a spinning wheel you will love to use! If you already have a Majacraft wheel that you love, but want something personalised for you, we can customise individual parts for you to swap around as you like! Contact us for pricing and possibilities :) Your ideas and designs are an inspiration to us!


All the Wheels!

The simple art of adding twist to fibers. Spinning. It doesnt seem too hard does it?! And yet for most of us, it is a continual learning curve, once started it seems our discovering is never 'finished'. For which I am very thankful! It amazes me that after all this time as a spinner I still find there is so much yet to learn and new things to find out. No wonder we are all hooked! Ours is a craft that continues to allow us to push boundaries, to practice traditions, and to combine a love of colour with a love of texture and play with the wonderful fibers that are available to us today.

And then there are the wheels.

The right wheel allows us to create the yarn we want. It becomes an extension of ourselves, the instrument with which we are so familiar we can almost instinctively create what we have in our heads. In fact the wheel becomes almost invisible in the process, if it is the right wheel,  you do not need to fight it, you don't need to pay it extra attention and it lets you you focus soley on the process of your creation, supporting your requirements by offering you ease of use and adjustment capabilities that let you stretch your own boundaries as you learn and grow as a spinner.  This is precisely why I have stuck with Majacraft tools for years now, because I know I can count on them to respond to my style of usage and give me the freedom to get the results I have already imagined in my head.

There are so many spinning wheels choose from though! It can be very daunting to a beginner spinner: single or double treadle? Scotch or Irish tension, or Double Drive? What size bobbins, and what on earth are 'ratios' anyway?!

And for the more advanced spinner, often moving from one wheel to another as their spinning needs change, decisions  come down to what kind of yarn they want to spin, bobbin capacity requirements, even just that a wheel is 'pretty' can be enough reason to add to the wheel collection :)  But again, it always takes some research into what wheels are available, and matching that up with what you anticipate you will most likely want to spin the most of. A big consideration in choosing a new wheel is being able to find one that will grow with you and not restrict your spinning to just one style as you expand your interests and skills.

Of course, if you are like me, you will not know exactly what you will always want to spin in advance, OR you will know that actually, you want to be able to spin absolutely anything! One solution to this is to have multiple wheels, but another is to have one wheel with multiple accessories that allow you to specialise in more than one spinning style. Majacraft offers us, as spinners, this second option beautifully.

We can go from this lace spinning set up:

to this art yarn or production spinning on the Overdrive:

and everything in between, and all on the one wheel!

All the important parts like flyers, bobbins, and different pulley sizes, are interchangeable between most of the Majacraft Wheels.

I have my One Wheel, the Aura, which suits my spinning style perfectly. I can spin anything on it. I use my Overdrive for giant yarns in large quantities, also for spinning multiple batts in one session. I have fit 5 batts on one bobbin with barely a pause between, and it removes any possibility of not quite having enough room on my bobbin to finish plying those last ten yards of single from a one off batt.

I can also spin fine on this self same wheel, using the lace bobbin and flyer. As an example of the really stunning possibilities check out the wonderful lace spinning of Evanita Montalvo, spun on her Aura using the Aura Lace Kit with the Flyer, Lace Bobbin, and lace whorl/pulley.

This is one of the greatest strengths of Majacraft spinning wheels, they have so many accessories and interchangeable parts that one wheel is often all you need even when your spinning requirements change (which of course they do over time).

So here is my big tip if you are wondering which wheel you should buy. Think about your current spinning needs, rather than trying to predict what you will be spinning in two years time.

Do you want to spin a LOT of lace weight and fine yarns? But you think you might want to do an occasional bulky yarn? You could consider a Rose, which will spin wonderful fine traditional yarns out of the box. You can add a laceweight flyer head to that for your big projects and save yourself some treadling with the high ratios it offers you. And later you can even add the Wild Flyer and Jumbo bobbins for your bigger yarns. Then if you really get extreme one day, most Rose wheels will also fit the amazing Overdrive head with its 32oz bobbins! All this on one wheel :)

If you are primarily interested in big yarns, art yarns, and experimental spinning, you might choose the Aura, with its fine adjustments and double drive, it gives you a huge range of spinning possibilities on any kind of yarn. It comes standard with the Jumbo bobbins and has the amazing and unique 'pigtail' orifice that keeps your yarn steady while still being totally bypassable when necessary. But you can spin traditional yarn on this wheel too! It gives you a total set and forget adjustment because the double drive system maintains the same flyer-bobbin ratio from start to finish, unlike other tension systems that require multiple adjustments as your bobbin fills. Add a Lace kit for fine and an Overdrive for giant, keep the Jumbo bobbins for your 'everyday' spinning.

If you need a travel wheel then the Little Gem (my other baby) is perfect, because it will also fit your lace bobbins and flyer as well as your jumbo and wild flyer combinations! It comes with the standard bobbins too so you have a full range even with your travel wheel. It could also be your only wheel and you could still spin anything with the right accessories.

So when it comes to choosing your wheel - plan for the short term. You know what you want to spin now, and be confident that with a Majacraft wheel, the wide range of  interchangeable accessories and extra spinning heads will allow you to expand your  future spinning without needing to buy an entire new wheel.

You can check out the wheels and accessories on the website right here:  And remember you can contact me ( any time if you would like some extra help to choose the right wheel for you!

Till next time

Happy Spinning!



Excellent video introduction to the Majacraft Aura

Over the years we have learned that sometimes people can feel a little intimidated or confused by how to use the tensioning system on the Aura and Overdrive heads. It is really simple to say "oh its easy, just turn that knob", sometimes the practicality is not so easy to follow. A video however is far superior to demonstrate this and we are exceptionally lucky and grateful to Suzy Brown of Woolwench for putting together this instructional video. If there is anything you are puzzling about with the tensioning, this is likely to help make things much clearer.

It explains in really simple terms the effect of moving the green drive band, the black bobbin drive band and adjusting the black band tension too. I am certain that after watching this, spinners will have much more confidence and control over what they can create.

Thanks Suzy and I hope spinners out there enjoy the video

Until next time


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Customised Majacraft wheels page is up

In case you were not aware, we offer quite a few options to customise your Majacraft wheel when you order from us. This is a light we have tended to keep hidden under a bushel unfortunately so recently I was encouraged to build a page to show a little of what we have created in the past.

Click the following link to visit the Custom Wheels Page

Custom Suzie Professional

Custom Suzie Professional

Until next time

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The Rube Goldberg Overdrive

We received a message today in the Majacraft inbox via Christine Oliver of Moondance Colour Company about her Rube Goldberg Overdrive.

Irish tension Majacraft Overdrive Head

Irish tension Overdrive Head


Using some backroom genius, she has converted her Overdrive to use an Irish tensioning system. I have to confess that I just LOVE this stuff. Generating a hypothesis and then using the resources available to test and produce a result, just brilliant! While you can appreciate we may not be reproducing this directly ourselves as something that all Overdrive spinners can use, this is simply excellent. If you could see the way many Majacraft prototypes develop, it is exactly like this so much kudos Christine.

Can you see the way it works?

Until next time


P.S. Great to see the Overdrive running on an older generation Suzie!


More exciting Overdrive news!

We have been steadily working through the Overdrive orders and shipping them as fast as we can. If you are on the list for one, take heart, you have not been forgotten and we will get it to you as soon as possible!

Glynis testing Overdrives, Owen balancing Overdrive flyers

Glynis testing Overdrives, Owen balancing Overdrive flyers


I have carried out some further testing on some of our older wheels and we are now confident that the Overdrive will work on ALL Majacraft Roses and Suzies. The early generation Roses (and some Suzie Alpaca wheels) had a wooden nut that tightened the handle onto the head. We will include a smaller stainless steel nut with the Overdrive kit to replace the wooden nut and then the bobbin drive band will no longer be interfered with. If you are ordering an Overdrive for one of these Roses, please let your dealer know so we can include the special nut. The Suzies are easy as the Overdrive fits straight on.

Here is the picture of the original wooden nut on a Rose handle

Standard wooden nut on previous generation Roses

Standard wooden nut on previous generation Roses


And the replacement stainless nut which will clear the bobbin drive band

Stainless nut for Overdrives on the Rose

Stainless nut for Overdrives on the Rose


So if you have been waiting to hear this news, I hope it has brightened your day!

Until next time



Overdrives are shipping (and a video)

The first batch of Overdrives shipped yesterday! So long as we are not blown into the ocean by the terrible storm that is approaching for this weekend, I would suggest keeping an eye on your letterbox from Wednesday on next week. More Overdrives will go next week, the bobbins are backing up and everything is coming together nicely.

Suzy at Woolwench put together this short video of changing the Overdrive on an Aura. As you can see, it is pretty simple and anyone can take on this task with confidence.


Until next time



The Overdrives are coming

It has been a bit of a mammoth effort to push the new Overdrive Heads into production but things are progressing well and nearly ready for shipping out to you. Here are the first ones in the final stages of building. Just so you know we are not eating donuts and drinking coffee!

Overdrive heads in progress

Overdrive heads in progress


Overdrive bobbins

Overdrive bobbins

Until next time