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Camp 2017 Workshop Info is Here!

The time is going by so quickly, and its not so many months now till our next marvellous Magic Majacraft Camp! We know many of you are eagerly waiting to find out whats on offer this time around, and I am pleased to share with you the full teacher/workshop list for this great event!

This year we will have a wide variety to tempt you with - from spinning amazing textured yarns and learning how to use them, to felting, spin tech and plying, fibre preparation, and spin to wear. Scroll down to find the links to both the full workshop program and registration form.


Here is an example of work by one of our teachers Laurie Boyer, she will be travelling from the USA to be with us and share her skills and techniques:

And if thats not exciting enough! We have the lovely and talented Janet Day back from Australia, Isla Fabu, Suzy Brown, Lara Nettle, Pat Old, and Pauline Chapman, all bringing their individual creativity to share in our lovely relaxed camp environment.

Majacraft Camp will be held

 Friday 10 –  Sunday 12 February 2017

Keswick Christian Camp and Conference Centre, 5 Cooper Ave, Holdens Bay, Rotorua


Download the full Class Descriptions HERE

And the Registration form HERE


To confirm your place at camp please send a deposit of $65 by Thursday 20th October 2016.

If you prefer to pay in instalments please pay $130 by Thursday 15th Dec.2016 and the final $130 by Thursday 12th Jan. 2017
Or full payment ($325 total) by Thursday 12th January 2017.

Payment method details are on the Registration Form

Please contact Glynis – Ph. 07 5433618, or email if you have any questions about Camp 2017, we hope to see you there!


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Featuring: Pat Old

Since we have a little waiting to do before we can go and enjoy Majacraft Camp 2016, we thought it might be of interest to feature our tutors, so all those now signed up can get a little taste of what is to come at camp! We are excited about the classes!

To kick off we would like to share some of the amazing work of Pat Old.  We have the great pleasure of including Pat's class in our program for Camp, in this class we will be creating a 'Koha Kete' , which is a small basket made from our native flax, phormium tenax.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to try flax weaving and benefit from Pats deep knowledge of this traditional New Zealand craft.

Glynis was able to attend the final exhibition of the students in the 2015 Raranga class at  Te Wananga o Aotearoa where Pats work is included:

Pat's work in this exhibition was stunning!

We are very much looking forward to Pats class at camp, she is a fantastic teacher with an incredible knowledge of all things fiber related. It is a real treat to be able to attend a class with Pat and have this opportunity to learn about one of our traditional New Zealand handcrafts!

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The Third and Final Circle Weave Along Tutorial!

And here we are! Thank you so much to everyone who has joined in with us on this fun project, we have LOVED seeing your beautiful weaving and knitting and have very much enjoyed the individual creative approaches you have each taken with this project. I am personally very excited to see the variety and variations on the theme and design as you have created and made it your own!  Now we know that not everyone has kept up with the weekly activity, but this is just fine, its like stretching our christmas over a longer period of time, and we hope to see people continue to post their finished projects and progress photos on the Circle Weave CWAL event page!

This week we just have the video to share, the final steps are fairly straight forward, involving joining the second woven circle to the knitted length of scarf and then adding the tassels. I hope you will enjoy this stage and the video!

Happy CWAL-ing!



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Circle Weave Along Tutorial Part 2!

Our Circle Weave Along project has been running for a week now! It has been super fun seeing people starting to post their progress photos on the Event page, here are a few really neat ones:

Simone Broersma is using some beautiful colours and a bulky yarn for the warp, this is going to look lovely!


Kate Winkler has made a wonderful theme of 'warm' and 'cold' colours for each end of the scarf:


Jacquie Chalmers has used a lovely spiral technique to make swirls for her scarf ends:

I am looking forward to seeing what the next week will bring! Here is part two of the tutorial, again we have the video plus the written tutorial, they really go together :) There is plenty of scope for your own creative flair to shine in this project

Here is the download of the written tutorial for Part 2 (click the image)


And here is the video to go with it. I hope you enjoy it!


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Circle Weave Along #1

This week is the start of the first of what we hope will become regular events, an online 'Along'. Wondering what that is? Well for this 'Along' we are going to Circle Weave a scarf! We would like to invite you to join us and follow along to make your own!

It works like this:

Over the next three weeks we will use the Facebook Events page as our home base for the Weave Along project. The three weeks will look like this:

Week 1. Weaving the circles

Week 2: Attaching the first circle and knitting and or crocheting the scarf centre length

Week 3: Attaching the second circle, finishing (weaving in ends) and creating the tassles

Each week there will be a new Tutorial for that part of the project, the tutorial will include both a video and a downloadable set of instructions to go with it. I will also be available on the Event page on Facebook to answer any questions and help out as needed.

I hope you will also post your progress photos on the Event page!

The Scarf is a design I came up with specifically for this Weave Along, I wanted to share something that anyone could have a go at, and it covers the basics of warping and weaving in plain weave. I hope we can encourage some people to get started for the first time with their weaving! If you are a more advanced weaver you are very welcome to add your own design into this project, you might want to add embellishments, different weave patterns in the circles, and play around with textures. The same goes for knitters! I have made this very simple but please view it as a base, if you wish to add to the design in any way this is NOT a pattern that must be followed, rather it is a GUIDE from which you can grow your own unique scarf! With all this in mind, plus the possibility that we will all bring different yarns to the project, I have deliberately left it simple and un-patternlike, I will be providing you with techniques and measurements, as well as suggestions for things like, how to deal with different yarn sizes within the project.

Today I am posting the first Tutorial! Please follow the link to pick up your free download of instruction, it includes a warping pattern and information about materials and weaving your circle and is designed to go along with the video (below), these two things are integral to each other. please take the time to read over the document first and then watch the video.

Download the written part of the Tutorial by clicking on the cover:

Watch the Tutorial Video:

For more information and warping patterns don't forget there is also the Warp Speed booklet that Andrew and I created, there are plenty more patterns in there as well as a template for making your own mid size circles. Just in case you are inspired to do some more after this project is completed!

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Come see the big new Majacraft product!

Next week its happening! Finally!

After much work over the last year and a bunch of teases through the blog, I am ready to show you the next big thing we have been working on.

And it what I think is a first in our little corner of the craft world, the plan is to do it live over the internet where you can watch and take part too.

Woolwench (Suzy Brown) has been a major collaborator in the creation of this so we are going to run the live stream through the Fibery Goodness web site. The stream link is shown on the flyer down below.

I am really excited about what we have created and I think it is going to change the way people can work in the area it relates to (sorry I am still trying to be vague until the big day). The point is we can't wait to share it with you!

Fibery goodness Majacraft flyer


See you there on the Internet!


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It is getting closer…

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Something BIG is coming

not long now...

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Majacraft Circular Loom

Here is the latest addition to our family of weaving products, the Majacraft Circular Loom. It is 275mm in diameter (10.8") and is made from a 4mm thick plywood. It was developed in conjunction with the Golden Fleece fibre creativity course (although they have a slightly different version for students).


Majacraft Circular Loom

Majacraft Circular Loom


It is excellent for taking with you as it is thin and light and there are some stunning pieces being created with it already.

You can view the product details on the Majacraft web site here and here is an excellent (and free) getting started tutorial (I really must get on to writing one too!)

We have been amazed to see what people have created already on their circular looms, including this at this piece by Suzy Brown of Woolwench.

Woolwench - fairy light circular weaving

Fairy light circular weaving (woolwench)


and more detail...

Fairy lights detail

Fairy lights detail (woolwench)


If you are interested in taking up this fun and creative for of weaving, contact your dealer for information on a circular loom.

Until next time


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Lime or Chartreuse?

We have recently arranged with our plastics supplier to produce a limited run of plastic bobbins for the holiday season. If you are interested in some very special and unique bobbins for your Majacraft wheel that will REALLY stand out, then contact your dealer quickly. First in, first serve!

Limited edition lime bobbins

Limited edition lime bobbins


And yes, they really are this bright - no Photoshopping on this image!


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