High Speed Head

  High Speed Head

The High Speed Head is much more than a simple accessory. Adding this head to your Rose or Suzie will turn it into a super lace weight spinning wheel.

By modifying and "gearing up" a standard spinning head, it is now possible to spin at ratios up to 40:1 (on the Rose, the maximum speed is closer to 30:1 on a Suzie/Suzie Professional). If you are interested in lace or cotton spinning then this will really help to make the task simpler and much more efficient.

A very light tension spring is used to increase the sensitivity of the brake adjustment which is very important when spinning at high speeds.

A lace kit is a perfect compliment to the high speed head as the small flyers rotate very freely due to their low rotational inertia.

Based on your current location, the recommended retail price of the High Speed Head is:

M_ACC_HD_HSH - $234.00 (USD)
local taxes are not included in this price
variation in local currency exchange may affect final price